[Translation] “Genius Basic Law” – Author: Zhang Er

“天才基本法” by: 长洱

“Genius Basic Law” (Basic Law to Become a Genius) by: Zhang Er

If you can read Chinese, read in this link to support the author.

Cover of the novel


Everyone else thought that Lin Zhao Xi was a genius.

Only herself knew that she was using the experience from years of mathematics contests and went back in time “cheating”.

Until one day, her male god looked at her quietly.
(goddamn that sounds wrong lol I swear it is because of my translating, the original version is much better. Anyway “god” or “goddess” in Chinese may imply the person who is exceptionally good at something/ someone outstanding/ someone good-looking, etc. that you admire and have a crush on)

Space – time overlaps, three times changing the past.
— what you go through can change you.

  1. Three times going back in time, a story of one looking for herself. Read with pleasure, this is a walk-on trip. (sorry for my poor translation)
  2. A story half school life, half competition system.

Tags: Travel through space – time, Inspirational life (well this is the genre that the characters have to experience struggles to earn achievements in life)

Keywords: Protagonist: Lin Zhao Xi | Supporting roles: Old Lin, Pei Zhi

Notes: “Old + surname”: refers to a man whom you have a close relationship/ on a friendly term. In this case, Old Lin refers to Lin Zhao Xi’s father.

Table of contents

Translator’s note

  1. Chapter 1: The truth
  2. Chapter 2: A glimpse [Part 1] [Part 2]
  3. Chapter 3: No conversations [Part 1] [Part 2]
  4. Chapter 4
  5. Chapter 5


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